Stagnone – The Main Kitespot at Birgi Vecchi

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The hugest saltwater lagoon in Europe of over 25 square miles is characterized by shallow water and ever-present wind and makes it perfect for learning and improving one’s kitesurf and windsurfing skills. At the most popular kitesurf spot at the Stagnone: Kitespot Birgi Vecchi the wind enters from all directions making it one of the safest and most wanted spots by beginners so as by champions of this sport who call it “The Kitesurf Gym”.The Kite-spot is located at 15 km between the two cities of Marsala and Trapani. On the Kitespot so as in the downtown of both cities you will find a lively nightlife, typical restaurants, vineries and numerous shops. It’s a 100% risk free Kitespot and has more than 300 windy days.In the winter months (December, January and February) there are high speed winds, the paradise for expert kiters. In the spring, autumn and summer mounths the north termical wind (less powerful, more stable and reliable) provides perfect conditions for beginners and intermediate.
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