Favignana – Over View

This wonderful island with its small town gives you a very relaxing unique atmosphere. You can take a swim in its beautiful natural coves called “Calli” by traveling by bicycle or scooter that you will find rented at many points upon arrival or by participating in an excursion by goomon or boat.

Favignana belongs to the Egadi islands. The Egadi islands are an archipelago of Italy, in Sicily, between the lower Tyrrhenian and the Sicilian channel. Located about 7 km from the west coast of Sicily, between Trapani and Marsala, the archipelago consists of three islands and two islets, plus a series of rocks and stacks.Once you’ve got your wheels sorted, it’s time to hit the beautiful coastline and beaches.

One day Trip

Stopping at Cala Rossa first. As one of the closest beaches to Favignana town, this gets incredibly busy as the day goes on; by visiting first you’ll be able to beat some of the crowds. To get to to Cala Rossa, you need to come out of the harbour with your bicycle and go immediately left – don’t go into the town! It’s also really important to note that by following this route, you need to ensure you have enough time to make your way back from your final stop (Cala Rotunda) to Favignana town.

The perfect Island for:
– Hiking
– Diving
– Mountain biking
– Take a Swim
– Stroll around the city
– A nice holiday

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